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Best Ideas for Contemporary Home Bar

Best Ideas for Contemporary Home Bar

One of the reasons why man works tirelessly is basically to reward oneself with a more satisfying life. One's imagination span is all that limits luxury. You must have seen many houses that made you re-think the word "luxury." Imperial décor and furnishing that we once believed for 5-star hotels.

A contemporary home bar, perhaps. You can have one fully loaded with your favorite drinks. That way, you can have a glass of Cognac, Dom Perignon, or Bollinger whenever you want. Without having to go anywhere. Maybe, you're the type who likes to drink but hates the noise and the crowds. A home bar is a solution for you—a place to get a fine drink and gather one's thoughts. Better you read on to get a grip of how best to design your home bar.

The Best Ideas For A Contemporary Home Bar

However, when you do decide to get yourself a home bar. You have to do it right. I believe that every project has to bring out your satisfaction after completion. Years down the road when you stare at your invention, your heart skips a beat. You might have already had a magnificent vision of what it's going to be. Whether you prefer hanging wine racks or a standing one, base lighting or ceiling lighting, wood or marble counter. If you haven't thought thus far, we have compiled a list of home bar ideas that might interest you. Read on and see if there's anything that catches your attention.

  • Full wall

These are home bars that are built to stretch over the entire length of the wall. The longer the wall, the more impressive the bar - and of course, the bigger the impression on your guests. These full wall cabinets are created with a variety of options for material, some of which include the following:

  • Wood

You could go for a home bar that covers the entire wall. You can add recessed lights, an integrated sink, flat-panel cabinets, dark wood cabinets, brown backsplash, wood backsplash, and black countertops to complete the look. Wood is an attractive option because it presents elegance and class if used as a supplement to pre-existing décor. I am not convinced that wood should be used solely when designing your bar.

  • Wood and Marble

Whitewood and dark marble look incredible as a combination, and this could be your full wall bar. You can have the columns made of marble and the cabinets made of wood. You could also add a white counter and barstools for the finishing touch. These look so beautiful at night, especially if you get the proper lighting. Overhead or low-hanging dim lights would accessorize such an establishment.

  • Stacked stones

    Stacked stones have a specific wow-factor if done right. They look so simple, yet so cool. As Leonardo da Vinci the great artist, once said, "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication," which is a testament to that.  You can make the cabinets and panels from Glass to give it a sparkling look. I believe that we are all artists, and if we channel that inner Da Vinci, we can do great things. Stacked stones coupled with Glass fit that description.

    • Bricks

    I bet you didn't see this coming. Bricks belong to the 1800's right? Not so much. Bricks are no longer just red rectangles of soil. They now come in a variety of shapes and colors - and even look better than some walls. If you choose the right size or color, matching the rest of the room, bricks can help you create a unique and stunning home bar. You can pair it with Glass or wood for the cabinets. You could arrange them to form a mosaic pattern if they have different colors. I have seen a bar with bricks cut to different sizes and arranged in ascending order. It was quite a beauty.

    • Glass

    It's not a very common option in the trending contemporary ideas for home bars, but Glass can build a beautiful home bar by itself. You could have cabinets or panels made from Glass and a mirror as the wall, in a tip of the hat to the standard bar you like to go. Glass has a great affinity to reflect light, something you must consider as you decide on what lighting and color for the room. That allows you even to line up all your bottles in rows. So you can enjoy looking at your collection – and make your friends envious when they come over for a round of drinks and poker.

    • Unique Concepts

      Human beings have the craziest imagination and often push the boundaries of what society is doing. Some of the home bar concepts you'll come across are simply unique and, resultantly, quite eye-catching.

      • Retro-themed home bar

      Recreate a retro pub atmosphere with your home bar. Have a marble and Glass set up for the cabinets, with a marble bar counter and matching bar stools. Then add neon lights at the bottom of the bar counter and a pool table beside the bar. Your friends won't know whether they're at your home or their favorite bar.

      • Staircase bar

        Yeah, you read that right, a staircase bar. But how? 'Where will we pass if we build a bar there?' Well, you build the bar into the side of the staircase and on the adjacent wall. It's a beautiful way to utilize the space. You can add cabinets below the panel and even add a bar counter if the setting allows.

        • The Resort

        It is one of the classiest ideas for a home bar. The concept is to add a home bar to the home theater space for maximum enjoyment of leisure. The combined look of a home theater and a well-designed home bar is something unforgettable. The fantastic visuals aside, it's also practical as it removes inconveniences. Like the need to pause the movie so you can go to the other room to fix yourself a drink.

        • Rooftop LED bar

        That is a home bar set on top of the open roof if you live in a storied building. A circular LED bar is made of glass and steel, with cabinets lining its interior and a set of stools around the counter. The LED light and rooftop location make it an incredible scene. You definitely won't need to go to the bar with such a setup. You'll be struggling to keep your friends from coming every day.

        • Rustic bar

        You can also create for yourself a tremendous rustic bar with stone walls, glass panels, and a countertop made of varnished wood. The contrast between the wooden countertop and the stone walls makes for excellent viewing. Add recessed lights to give it a slight glow, and you're all set. 


        There are various ways to build yourself a contemporary home bar. You could go for a more Spartan home bar and save yourself some time and money. Take a look at this stylish ready-made modern wine tower. It allows you to enjoy a glass of wine whenever you desire.

        After this read, you have already decided on what your home bar should be. It can be a family project for the next couple of weeks. Something to bond over. Plan, shop, design, and implement your ideas on that empty wall, room, or basement and make it a place worthwhile.

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