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How to Choose and Style a Rattan Bar Cart

How to Choose and Style a Rattan Bar Cart

Bar carts are pieces of furniture that serve multiple functions in the home. They are known for the versatility they serve in different homes. A bar cart is useful because it provides additional storage space for you. Having one anywhere in the home requires a good amount of space. It is a storage facility that makes storing bar accessories and other items easier.

Everyone wishes to have a beautiful piece of furniture that makes great home decor. However, do you wish to learn how to choose and style a rattan bar cart? Choosing and styling one is quite easy. Continue reading to widen your knowledge in this regard.

What is a Bar Cart Used For?

Bar carts serve multiple purposes in the home. Apart from adding to the home decor, it serves as good furniture for storing items. It is very versatile and serves as a side attraction. No folk enters your home without admiring the colors it adds to your space.

  • Great for your boozes

If you want to store your boozes, this is the right one. Store up your gin, rum, vodka, and whiskey in your bar cart. Also, you can store your bottle opener, spouts, and corkscrew in your bar cart. There is no need to put them in another storage facility. Add them up to other items you have in your bar cart.

  • Can serve as a minibar for your visitors

Already, you have set up a mini bar in your home! The bar cart is very nice for every kind of gathering in your home. Your guests can easily treat themselves to any kind of drink as long as you have them stored up.

You don't need to go for those bulky pieces of furniture. Sometimes, those shelves give your room some awkward appearance. Get yourself a comfortable piece of a bar cart.

Where Can I Use My Rattan Cart?

This furniture is versatile. You can use it anywhere in the home. Aside from home use, you can also use it in the office.

Dining room: Using this as a coffee cart has been discussed. You can have your bar cart in the dining room as a coffee cart. Have all you need neatly arranged in it.

Bedroom: Place a bar cart in the bedroom, maybe close to your bed. The moment you need anything from it, you pick it up without stress. You can use it as a nightstand.

Office: Many people don’t know bar carts can be used in offices. You can use it to hold the printer. Also, you may use it to hold some files and books. It also does well in storing all office supplies that you need regularly.

Outdoor activities: Bar carts are great for outdoor events. You can store all you need on the cart for any outdoor activity. It is safe and accessible for everyone.

How to Choose a Rattan Bar Cart

There are ways to go about choosing the right bar cart. These bar carts come in various styles and types. So you have to consider some factors before making a decision.

Storage Needs: Consider your storage needs first. What do you intend to store? What is the quantity of what you are storing? If your storage needs are high, then choose one with a larger storage capacity.

Space: After storage needs, look out for space. This may vary based on designs and sizes. Not all the bar carts have the same space. Just ensure you go for what suits your demands. For instance, if you want to choose a rattan drinks trolley, consider the space. With this, you should be able to hold your ice bucket and drinks.

Simplicity: This is another important factor to consider. You do not have to go for something so complex. Go for a simple bar chart that can hold all your items.

Design: The design is what you need to check out for. When you choose a bar cart, get one that suits the decor of your home. This will give your room more detailed attention. It is not all about just selecting one because others are getting theirs. Designs speak volumes of words. That is why designs create attention.

Durability: Choose a bar cart that can last longer. This prevents you from getting another any time soon. Don’t focus on the design without considering its durability.

Mobility: Go for a bar cart that is easy to move or transport. You can choose one with wheels. This aids easy movement on your home’s surfaces. Mobility also depends on your home’s floor surface. However, select one with rubber or large wheels.

Brand: Consider the manufacturer of the Rattan cart you are selecting. Some products are more reliable than others. Choose from a tested brand.

Cost: The price of the product matters. Consider your budget when purchasing a cart. There are many affordable carts in the market.

Convenience: It is crucial to go for an easy-to-use rattan cart. Some are made from complex materials. So, consider your comfort when choosing one.

How Do You Style a Bar Cart

Having considered some factors when choosing a rattan bar trolley, let's learn how to style it. You need a lot of creative ideas to style your bar cart. Below are some useful tips.

Keep it appealing

Be simple. You don't have to keep an elaborate design. Also, do not try to impress with the items on the cart. Choose only the essentials. Some people just want to add every item they see. It goes the same for drinks or boozes. Do not fill your cart with all kinds of wine. Empty bottles shouldn't be found in it.

Match Glassware with Drinks

Matching your glassware with the color of your drinks brings a special look. The feel is euphoric. Get your visitors talking about your home when they leave. They may even decide to imitate your creativity.

Add Natural Objects

Adding some natural objects is a great idea. Including a few bowls of fruit, paintings or portraits beautifies it more. These touches make your bar cart stand out.

Match Your Bar Cart To Your Room

If your bar cart is in any part of the house, make it match that part to give it an outstanding look. If it is in the dining room, let it match the dining set.

Decorate with flowers

Yes, you can decorate your cart with some beautiful flowers. Flowers come with natural beauty. So, adding them to your bar carts will surely add a special touch to them.

Add Some Accessories

Yes, your cart can be styled with simple accessories. This makes it catchy and will draw the attention of your guests.

Go for the Books

Some people don’t know that their books can add more color to their rattan cart. They are great decorations because they draw attention. Some of your friends may decide to take a few books to read. You can stack up a collection of cocktail manuals on the cart.

Add Some Colors

If you want a colorful bar cart, then add some colors to it. You can do this by including only beautiful things in it. You may choose very attractive bar tools and other accessories

Go Magical, Go Seasonal

You can always style your Rattan cart for the seasons. Whenever there is any festivity, transform your cart’s look to create a mood of happiness for your guests.

Add Some Texture

Adding some texture and pattern to your rattan cart would be great. Having textured glassware will be inviting too.


Rattan bar carts are useful today due to their versatility. They come in various types, styles, and designs. Before choosing one ensure it suits your needs. Also, make sure you choose high-quality designs from reputable manufacturers. Do not add extra designs that will make your bar cart look awful. Keep it simple. Make it attractive.

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