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How to choose your perfect home bar?

Imagine: on a peaceful winter evening, you are sitting in a bar with some close friends in the company of alcohols, enjoying football match of your favorite club. Just thinking about these will give you a warm feeling and in your mind the place might be some posh pub but what if I tell you that all these are possible in your home only? Yes, I am not kidding, now you can convert part of your drawing-room into the bar which has happy hours 24*7.

And by alcohol I didn’t intend to mean the whiskey bottle that you bought while returning home, in your personal bar you can enjoy different types of alcohols depending upon the mood you are on.

Entertaining people by inviting them over dinner or brunch is becoming new trend all over the world and having a home bar in your home is also becoming a culture among modern generation.

The purpose of home bar is not only to entertain guests but also to give you time to have a spirituous drinking period, to give you time to go through a peaceful thinking process, in short it is becoming a new me time.

So from where one should start towards building their personal home bar, here are some tips that you can follow for better results:

Choose a proper setting:

Building a home bar doesn’t mean just stocking up the alcohols, it means constructing something meaningful which you are going to cherish in future, now the purpose of creating a home bar may vary from person to person, some want it for party and some may want it for themselves. And size of home bar will also change according to the purpose.

Size matters:

Home bar comes in variety of sizes but it is up to with which size you want to go. You should always remember that maybe you want a bigger home bar but you should always look into the actual space you have in your home for home bar. If a bar makes a room or condo too congested then it is not serving the purpose. Some people also go for portable home bar due to space issue and some people choose small bars to accommodate bar fridge or cooler beside them.

Visual aesthetic:

With the increase of popularity of home bars, many manufacturers have come up with different styles of home bar. If a home bar is stylish in look then apart from being a bar it will also enhance the beauty of your home. You can also choose what finishing it should be in, so that it matches décor and color of walls in your home.

Bar stools:

Matching stools can make a home bar perfect in look and compliment interior of your home. But choosing bar stools is also an art because you don’t want your guest to be on too top of the bar or too below of the bar. Though generally we say bar stools of height 25” to 30” is good but without actually considering the home bar height you can’t just guess bar stool height.  

Perfect material:

Bar stools are made up of different materials according the condition that they are going to place in like interior, exterior, cold, humid etc. So after finalizing the place of home bar, research about which home bar material will be better for it.

Final touch:

May be even after all these your bar look incomplete, so when you are buying accessories for your home bar, always keep two things in mind, its practical purpose and visual appeal.