How to stock the perfect home bar?

Home bar culture is getting highly popular among people, many people are adopting this culture according to their status but just by building a home bar your work gets over? No, now it has begun. Building a home bar is just like building a personal library but what’s the purpose of library if you don’t have enough books to fully enjoy it? That’s why you should know instead of sprinting; go slow and steady so that the bar is always full.

So here are some tips through which you can perfectly fill up your alcohol library:

Pick alcohol that you actually enjoy:

Setting up home bar doesn’t mean you have to actually create an original bar with all kind of alcohols, it just means your personal bar with only your favorite alcohols. Many people may feel that they should stock up alcohol for guests, but you should always remember building up home bar is more like marathon than a sprint. You can understand this as you don’t stock up books in your book shelf in the hope that guest will come and read it. But always remember your bar won’t look like bar without these alcohols – vodka, gin, scotch, whiskey, rum and tequila.


Stocking up few mixers is essential for a bar, if you want to make a cocktail but one should always remember it is also dependent upon what kind of cocktails you are going to make. Apart from cocktails many people can’t drink alcohol with water, mostly drink like rum needs coke to compliment it. So if you are planning to invite someone over a drink, have ample supply of mixers.

Here are the basics: club soda, tonic water, orange juice, cold drinks, cranberry/pineapple juice etc.


By garnishing it doesn’t mean just adding slice of lemon to each and every drink, you have to have a knowledge about which garnish will go around with which drink. Your drink will not look complete until the drink is decorated by some fresh fruits or lemons. A good decorated drink is just not only visually pleasing, it also make drink aesthetically pleasing. Some of the drinks like tequila is best enjoyed when drank with lemons & salt, so stock up some fruits, olives, salt, pepper, ice, lemons etc.


You don’t need to have some fancy bar tools but without some essential bar tools you wouldn’t be able to make a proper drink. You can make drink without the tools also but purpose of whole home bar will be gone in that. And when you invite someone for a drink then by use of bar techniques with the help of bar tools you can easily impress them. Always remember stick to basic tools first and then move forward to other tools. So some basic bar tools like shaker, jigger, mixing cups, stirrer should always be available in your bar.


At first it is okay if you are sticking up with basic glassware but with passage of time when you seriously want to expand the value of your bar, you must increase your glassware variety. Each and every glassware is for different occasion and by using them at right moment it will enhances the mood and create a different kind of impression. So always think about what sort of drinking session you are going to have like party, official or romantic and then stock up your glassware according to that. Some of the glasswares are short glass, stemware, martini glass, beer mugs, wine glass, rock glass and tall glass.