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How to Select and Install a Modern Home Bar

How to Select and Install a Modern Home Bar

Having a home bar is no longer a new thing. People install bars in their homes all for their comfort. It is a cool spot to always unwind. With the modern living lifestyle, there are modern ways to set up one. Don’t stay outdated! You can decorate it with flowers, artworks, and books.

A modern home bar brings additional style, uniqueness, and beauty to your space. If installed in the living room with great designs, it looks inviting to everyone. They always compliment the interior decor of your space. Have you been hoping to learn how to select and install a home bar? This is easier than you think. Please continue reading as we guide you through the whole process.

What Is a Modern Home Bar?

A modern bar is a contemporary bar installed in the home. These bars are made with different materials. They come in different shapes, designs, colors, sizes, and prices. They can be set up in different areas of the home.

Some of the home bars are encased in stone. Some are built with cozy seating styles and elaborate designs. One striking thing about them is that it comes with much detailing. Everything you see at the bar serves a unique purpose.

These bars create such an ambiance that you hardly find elsewhere. The lighting is always inviting. You just want to sit at the bar and have some drinks. They also come with customized logos or designs. Some people inscribe some signs or words on them in the most unique way.

The home bar should be stylish, and that is what it stands for. It is the exquisite use of color to create tasty, classy, and quality bars. It is the perfect spot to unwind with family, buddies, and guests.

A home bar doesn't need to be built based on conformity to a particular pattern. Some home bars require huge spaces. It depends on the space and the wide collection of bottles you have. If you have a little bottle collection, you may not need a wide space for your bar.

How Do I Select and Install a Modern Bar?

When you are selecting a home bar, know that you are building a contemporary bar. The styles are always in different forms. You need the right decor for your bar. It gives your space an ambiance so cool and natural. Before selecting a home bar, do these.

Decide on what you want

When you want to install a home bar, first decide if you want a freestanding bar. You must have decided where exactly the bar fits in your apartment. It doesn't necessarily have to be your living room. You can buy any freestanding bar design from any vintage store. In this dispensation, you can select the home bar designs you want.

There are many modern choices to pick from. Choosing a home bar requires going for what suits your personality. Some people prefer to have their bars at discreet places like the bedroom. For people who want it loud, they can choose the living room or the basement.

Consult the professionals

Installing a home bar could mean that you consult some professionals. This includes interior designers, carpenters, and electricians, to help you out. It depends on what you want. You could talk to a builder about the options available for you.

Consider the flooring and setting

You need to consider the flooring for the bar too. The setting determines the installation as well. If you want bar optics or a built-in sound system, all these would determine the installation. The metal fittings should be considered also. You can also install floating shelves for your bar tools. Some installations are done on the wall.

Select your home bar based on size, space, designs, drink collection, bar tools, and your budget.

How to Set Up Home Bar

If you have decided to run a home bar, you may be concerned about how to set it up. In this part of the guide, you shall learn how to set up your bar to suit your taste.

Setting up the bar could mean you have to start small. You don't have to necessarily begin on a large scale. Not everyone drinks. There are home bars with non-alcoholic beverages.

  • Ensure it is well ventilated

Don't just set up a bar that is not well ventilated. There are home bars that have been built with no proper planning. This is not to shame anyone. The truth is, you can still transform your bar if you want to. Do not just get the essentials; beautify your bar in a creative way. Emphasis is laid on creativity.

  • Consider the available space

When setting up your bar, you need to first consider the space available. Where do you want to transform into a bar? You decide that. Space determines how spacious your bar would be. Do not set up a bar overnight without adequate planning. Don't just say, "It's just a bar!”

  • Get a bar cart

You may also need a bar cart after you have thoroughly considered your space. Some people store up their less frequently used items or bar tools in the cart. Ensure the cart is neatly arranged.

  • Transform your sideboard

You can transform your sideboard into a bar. Isn't that amazing? Sometimes, it is not about getting expensive items. It is about your creative mindset. Get the wine decanters, glasses, bar tools, liquors, and drinks of all kinds. Design your bar!

  • You need some glassware

To set up your bar, you need some essential glassware. You may set up the bar primarily because of yourself. As you progress with growing it, more friends come visiting. That is why you need to get the essentials for your bar. Get different glasses. Each cocktail has a different glass type to use. Get a mixing glass, bar spoon, shaker, and jigger. You need to consider variety when setting up your bar.

  • A different collection of drinks

You don't just stock your bar up with one brand of liquor. You need a different collection of drinks. What you stock to your bar with can determine how well your visitors would be entertained. If they are well entertained, they will always come to visit.

  • Budget

When setting up your bar, you need to also consider your budget. Don't go overboard with your spending. Ensure you buy quality bar tools. This will make them last longer. You need the ice bucket for your bar. You don't have to necessarily go broke because you are setting up a bar. All it takes is getting the right things needed.

How Much Space Is Needed For a Home Bar?

When setting up a bar, the primary thing to consider is the space. People's bars are different because of the space available. If you have thoroughly considered the space, then you can decide on the size of the bar you want.

A basement bar will be different from a bar installed in the living room. This is a result of the space used in setting it up. Sometimes, people want a big bar but have limited space. That is why you can transform any part of your home into a bar.

A standard home bar should be spacious enough to allow for ventilation. The bar designs should be about 6' long. This will make it possible to accommodate at least three bar stools. You need about 3' in the walkway so that you can easily get behind the bar. Also, you need 2' of space for each of the bar stools. If you have a sink at the back bar, your door equivalent should be 32'. There should be at least 36' between the bar and the back bar.

Ensure that you have enough space when building the bar. Sometimes, you need to get professionals to assist with your building and installation.

What Do You Put Behind a Home Bar?

This is one of the biggest concerns of people when it comes to setting up a bar. When installing, consider the electrical outlets, ceiling height, stairway, and doorway width. The average home bar is about 42 inches high and about 24 inches deep.

You can put a full back bar behind your bar. Not everyone has that luxury of space to do this. The full-back bar makes your home bar look professional and classy.


The back bar gives you room to have shelves for your bottles. You can also have shelves for your glassware behind your bar. It gives room for drink prep. This is lacking in some home bars.


The cabinets allow you to store up some bar tools. You can put behind the bar some cabinets. This will help you display your liquor bottles.


You can also add a back bar refrigerator. With your bar refrigerator behind your bar, you don’t have to keep leaving the bar at intervals. You can stock up bottled beer in the refrigerator. Also, you can add some canned beverages to the fridge. You can install your ice machines behind your bar. If you use an ice machine, a convenient area to install one is at the back of it.

Bar Sinks

Interestingly, some bar owners also place their bar sinks behind the bar. So, the refrigerator and sinks can be placed behind the bar. During your planning, you need to consider these things.

There are several other things you can put behind your home bar. You can place your liquor cabinet and bookcase behind it. Also, you can add some bottles to the bookcase. This makes it look unique. Also, placing the TV behind the bar isn't a bad idea.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do You Need A Modern Home Bar?

  • For easy access to drinking

When you have your home bar, it is easy and reliable access to drinks. Just get back from work and retire at your spot. You are not restricted to drink only at night. As long as you are in your apartment, you can do this at any hour of the day.

  • Avenue to always invite friends for a party

It is interesting when you have your friends come over for some drinks. You can also have mini parties during weekends. It is an avenue to get connected with your loved ones. When they come around, you chat over the drinks. You laugh, share ideas, bond, and create lasting memories.

  • Honing Your Bartending Skill

Having a bar at home helps you hone your bartending skills. Your friends are your guests. So, you would learn how to serve them patiently and politely. It helps you become a great host.

Not everyone is great at hosting friends for a party. So, having a bar is a great way to sharpen your bartending prowess.

  • For comfort and style

With your home bar, you’ll enjoy much comfort. It comes in different styles. If you install yours in the living room, it makes your space more attractive and colorful.

Does My Budget Matter When Setting Up a Home Bar?

The cost is important. You should not just start without proper planning. Is it what you can afford? Your pocket determines what you get. Be assured that you can have a home bar without stress. Understand what suits you perfectly. Then you go for it. Besides, if you dream of having a huge bar, start small. Then you can progressively grow your bar.

Does a Bar need a Sink?

It is not bad for your bar to have a sink especially if you are considering a wet bar. All the same, you can set up a bar without a sink. One importance of having a bar sink is that it makes it comfortable to rinse your glasses at the bar. You can wash your hands or rinse any bar tool.

In the course of having your drink, it's possible there is a spill. With the bar sink, you can handle the mess.


Having a modern bar in the comfort of your home is something remarkable. You should plan ahead if you are considering having one. Detailed attention should be given to the installation and selection of the bar. Note that it is primarily about you. So, design your bar to your taste. Set up your modern home bar today and have some fun!

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