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Your Guide in Choosing an Outdoor Home Bar

Your Guide in Choosing an Outdoor Home Bar

In contemporary homes, having a home bar has become a great innovation. People even go the extra mile to create beautiful bars. It is not of necessity to have one right inside your living room or dining room. Your bar can be right in your garage. Once it is above ground and not surrounded by any wall, then this makes it an outdoor bar.

Having a bar in the backyard makes your home a "zone" of entertainment. It doesn't have to be elaborate. It can be simple, yet classy. Do you wish to learn how to choose an outdoor home bar? Hoping to know what you need for your outdoor bar? Then, continue reading, as we throw more light on the topic.

How Do I Choose An Outdoor Home Bar?

When it comes to choosing an outdoor bar, people always raise some concerns. These are unavoidable questions. However, you don't have to get yourself worn out because of this. 

If you want to be creative, you can opt for an outside bar. It gives you ample opportunity to explore. This is because you are open to different ideas on how to run the bar. This is not to downplay running a bar indoors. Before choosing an outside bar, consider the following:

Convenient Spot

It is outside your apartment. You need to be comfortable all the same. To set up the bar, decide which area you love most. Choose a spot with shade. This will keep you away from the sun.

You can have your bar outside. This could mean adding a patio umbrella. It could also mean setting up your bar under a pergola. To have a backyard bar, the first thing is to locate your favorite spot.

Also, ensure the ground you are using is level. If it is not, there could be a drink spill.


Having a bar outside isn't too expensive. This does not mean you do not have very nice decor. Your bar can be inviting. However, consider your pocket. Your budget matters! Consult your carpenter, home designer, electrician, and plumber. Know the cost of each of the things needed.

Drink Collection

This is very crucial. When choosing an outdoor space for the bar, consider how you want to display your drinks. Are you considering a large collection or something little? This will trigger how you set up the bar. The way you display it can transform your space. Make it inviting. 

Also, be mindful of the weather. You can get a weather-resistant bar set up in your backyard. If you’ll be displaying these drinks on the cabinet, be careful. Some of them may be breakables.

Weather-Resistant Bar

Install a weather-resistant bar. Since it is located outside your apartment, you’ll need a good roof. This is because it will be exposed to elements like the wind. You must cope with situations like this. Irrespective of the climate conditions, make sure it is safe.


You need very good lighting. When your friends or guests visit you in the evening, they need a nice ambiance. This plays a key role in giving your bar a unique look. You could get some solar light at the bar. With this, you won’t brood over electricity issues.


Your bar needs very nice decor. First impressions are lasting. Your guests may not go into your apartment but what they see outside is a reflection of you. You could get custom outdoor bars for your home.

Ensure that it is nice and attractive. You could get some artwork or prints on your walls. Also, beautify it with nice furniture.

What do I need for my Outdoor Bar?

This is the question most concerned people ask. Understand that there are needed tools or items for your bar. Don’t set it up without getting the necessary tools. Let us consider some of the things needed.


You need a sink. This is mostly needed for a wet bar. It is outside your apartment so you need to be comfortable with it. People think having a bar outside comes with much stress. That is not true!

The bar sink could be called a wet bar sink, entertainment sink, or island sink. It may not be compared to the kitchen sink. This is because bar sinks are usually smaller than kitchen sinks. These bar sinks are usually produced from stainless steel or copper. It could be round, rectangular, or square in shape.

Having a sink at the bar makes your work easier. When you host your friends, you can easily rinse any glassware. Your friends can wash their glasses too. This does not imply that they have to wash their glasses whenever you host them. But they can easily help you out with any chore at the bar.


It is great when you have a refrigerator at your bar. The idea of having one is for comfort and style. If it’s comfortable enough, it will keep you relaxed at all times. That is why you need everything that brings comfort.

You don’t have to go through the stress of going into the kitchen regularly. With the fridge outside, you can stock up grilling essentials in it. You may not have to store drinks in your refrigerator. It is not only meant for that. Having one helps to store a variety of things, not only drinks.

You get the necessary items all stock up in the refrigerator. It saves time and energy because you don't have to go back and forth to the kitchen. Some bar fridges can have bottle racks for storing simple bottles. When not in use, you can switch it off so as to save electricity.

Bar Cart

You can have a minibar cart at your bar. You can place it at any corner. It can be used to store items you use regularly. It is a versatile piece of furniture.

Bar carts offer convenience and can be mobile because they are on wheels. They come in different styles and shapes. Your barware can be stored there. Not only that, you can keep cocktail fixings in it.

If you love plants, you can display them too. It only makes your bar look more attractive.

Bar Stools

You need some beautiful bar stools. Some nice vintage stools are great. Ensure that all you are buying for the bar gives you comfort. You can have some backless barstools or any kind of padded seats. Also, you can acquire some cozy pieces of furniture.

Ensure you have accessible seats. Do not get barstools that are not comfortable. You can have a low table with a couch too. Also, you can have seats with a backrest. It is all about what suits your taste.

Solid Roofing

It is outside, and you need a very good roof. Ensure you get a roofing that can withstand harsh and poor climate conditions.

It is crucial you cover your bar. You could get a big umbrella for this. Some people opt for a thatched roof. It all depends on the kind you want to run. It is an open-air bar. Let the cool breeze blow you away. The ambiance you create determines the mood you get. Get soft lighting, nice decor, and let everything at the bar make you feel relaxed.

Ice Bucket

What is a bar without your ice bucket? This is meant to keep your ice from melting so fast. When serving your friends, they want chilled drinks. Get durable ice buckets that can hold your ice.

These buckets are made from plastic, stainless steel, or glass. They help in chilling your drinks ensuring that you don't have to go to the freezer for ice regularly.

Remember that having a refrigerator does not stop you from getting an ice bucket. The latter keeps you away from the fridge. Besides, it performs a different function from a fridge.

Interestingly, you can place your ice bucket on the bar table. But you cannot place your freezer on it for your friends. When you add up some water to the ice bucket, drop your bottles in it. Then, fill it up with the ice. You have cold drinks with ease.

Bar Cabinet

You need a bar cabinet for the collection of drinks and glasses. Let it be a functional cabinet where you can store things. Your friends or guests need a variety of drinks. You can display your favorite drinks, spirits, liqueurs, and booze in your cabinet.

It can store items used for making cocktails. Also, it may have many drawers that serve different purposes. It mostly has counter space where you can make or prepare drinks.

What Function Does The Bar Serve?

Having a bar in the comfort of your home is a great deal. Who doesn't love comfort? Setting up one means so much.

This is the living space where you get to unwind. Why is it a living space? This is because you spend quality time there. That is why you have to choose this location with all precision.

Your bar is for cocktails, liqueurs, booze, and other kinds of drinks. After a long, tiring, and boring day, your friends can hang out with you. You enjoy the intoxicating power of the moon at night. Also, with the cool breeze, you’ll share the perfect intimacy with nature.

To have a nice time, always make drinks available and accessible for your friends. 

How Do You Maintain a Bar?

You need to maintain your outdoor bar. Don’t leave it messy expecting that people will respect it. It is outside your house and should be well maintained. You may not have the luxury of time to sit all day at your bar. The maintenance culture you imbibe matters.

Maintain your bar equipment

Your bar equipment includes all the essential tools you use. Maintaining them is your responsibility; so, set out some time to do this. This shows how much you value your bar. 

Check the equipment regularly

Constantly replace bad and damaged bar tools. Check the sinks regularly. Always strip down the tubes. Be involved in everything happening at your bar. It may not be for commercial gain, but it still needs proper maintenance.

Avoid spills 

Another way you can maintain the bar is to avoid spills. This may happen when mixing a drink. It is in your best interest to clean up everywhere when your guests are gone. Without proper cleaning, you may slip. This could lead to an accident. Ensure you keep an eye on the activities here.

Store Equipment properly

If you have your bar equipment lying around, pick them up. Store them properly. It will help them last longer. If you have children around, they can end up playing with the bar equipment. They can break it and get hurt in the process.

Buy only quality bar tools

When setting up the bar, buy only high-quality bar tools. Don't go for cheap products that won't be durable. It is in your best interest to avoid changing them regularly.

How Do You Clean A Bar?

  • Clean Everywhere

Tidying up your bar is very important. Clean up everywhere. It won't be nice for your guests to see dirt lurking around the glassware. It’s odd to see a messy cocktail napkin or slips on the bar mat.

  • Buy very good bar cleaning products

There are numerous cleaning products you can buy online. Take out the trash on a daily basis. Be attentive to everything in the bar including your back bar. Always sweep every corner of the bar.

  • Wash all glasses and beer mugs 

    Don’t pile up used glasses. Always tidy up the speed rails too. Don't leave the garnish tray messed up. Empty the garnish tray and clean it.

    • Don't leave the tables and seats untouched 

    Clean them. Wipe down the bar top. You can keep your bar spotless. It all depends on the attention given to it.

    Why Cleaning In The Bar Is Very Important?

    The neatness of your bar speaks a lot about you. If you are a neat person, you will be "allergic" to dirt. It is our duty to keep our outdoor home bar very clean. It only shows more about our personality.

    Your guests can easily notice your dirty bar. The moment they realize it, they will stop honoring your invite. Don't just clean the surface of the bar. Clean its nooks and crannies.

    A clean bar will make your guests and friends satisfied with your act of service. Practice right hygiene with the glasses too. This will promote hygiene and a healthy lifestyle. You wouldn't want to fall sick regularly due to contaminated drinks from your bar. Clean the outdoor bar cabinets properly. They harbor dirt too.

    Is Wood Good For An Outdoor Bar Top?

    There is nothing wrong with using wood as an outdoor bar top. With teak and cedarwood, you can be sure of safety during harsh weather. This wood is resistant to insect damage.

    It naturally complements the outdoor decor of the bar. Also, you can seal the wood with lacquer or varnish. This can help waterproof your bar wood.


    An outdoor home bar has become a trend in most homes this century. People no longer stick to having a bar only in their bedrooms or kitchen. You can set up yours in the backyard of your home. Just ensure you get a durable one. Determine the kind you want and the location you want to set it up. Build one that suits your personality and makes it a very good spot to unwind. Owning one can also help you hone your interpersonal relationship. Get started today!

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