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Best Places To Put Your Tall Wine Rack

Best Places To Put Your Tall Wine Rack

Your wine rack could add some beauty and function to your home. Regardless of the rack’s size, where you place it is very important. Placing it in your home may not be as easy as it seems. This is true if you reside in a small apartment. Having this in mind, you have to consider the space available as well as the size of the rack.

Do you have a tall wine rack and have been thinking of the best place for it?  Here, you’ll find answers to this. However, let’s first enlighten you on what a wine rack is, the types, and their capacity. This goes a long way in answering your question. Please continue reading to learn more.

What Is A Wine Rack?

Not everyone is familiar with the term "wine rack". You might have seen one before and didn't have an idea of what it was. In simple terms, this is storage for wine. In the right location, they also keep your bottles out of direct sunlight. Some are free-standing, while others are wall-mounted. 

Wine racks have different shelves for storing wine bottles. They are usually made from redwood, cedar, mahogany, or pine. 

Some racks are not wooden. They are made of stainless steel or wrought iron. You can place them in cooking areas i.e. kitchen. They resist staining and corrosion. Also, they come in various designs just like the wooden ones. Some others are made from metal and some from plastic. This makes way for different choices.

Wine racks can store up to 160 bottles or more depending on their capacity. The most common capacities are 6, 8, and 12 bottle models. They come at different sizes, styles, colors, and prices.

Where Should I Keep My Wine Rack?

Now, you have gained some knowledge about wine racks. Let’s discuss the best locations where you can place them in your home.

Living Room

People put many items in their living rooms. As long as they are fashionable, there is no issue with having them there. This is a great place to place your tall rack.

Remember that these wine racks need a cool temperature. This makes them perfectly fine for the living room. It will be a beautiful and functional addition. It can also match your decor. The more reason why choosing a well-styled one is important. You can place it at the corner to give a lovely display of your wine collection.


This is another good place to put your tall wine rack. Your wine collection can properly be displayed here. This is to maintain the temperature and regulate the humidity. Many people prefer this location. It is a dim space and great for storing wine.

Under stairs

This is another place you can keep your tall rack. Here, the temperature can be regulated. Just create an open space underneath your stairways. The kind of stairway determines if you can have it there. People usually place theirs in this location because it is safe.


You can convert a space in your garage and put your rack in there. Here, you can fairly maintain the temperature, light level, and humidity.

Make sure you regulate how you close and open the garage door. While in this location, don’t expose your bottles to UV light. This is because it can affect your stored wine.

Large Closet

Your tall rack needs enough space. That’s why placing it in a large closet is a great idea. The reason for this is to control the room’s temperature. This location can't be open to much sunlight as long as movement is controlled. People who do not have cellars prefer using this area.

The Kitchen

This could be challenging. However, the kitchen is one of the most common places to place your rack. Having it here means you must control the temperature regularly. That is why it comes with more responsibility.

Keep the rack away from your appliances. This is because it can fluctuate the temperature needed for it. Store your wine horizontally in this location. You can place it inside a cabinet for regulated temperature.

Dining Room

Your dining room is another suitable location to place your tall rack. Most contemporary homes prefer this area for convenience. This is because there can be little or no ray of light passing through here. While placing it here, there can be some regulated temperature in the room.

Home Bar

The home bar is also a good place to put your wine rack. At this location, you can find a corner to place it. You may style it to suit your taste. Here, you can easily have access and entertain your guests with drinks.


The basement is not a bad spot to place your tall rack. This is because you have enough space here. For some privacy, you could set up some stools having a counter. Here, you can enjoy your drink while alone.

Family Room

The family room is a safe place to put your rack. Here, there is less commotion. Some prefer to have it complement their interior decor. While using this location, ensure it is out of bounds to kids.

Ceiling Hanging

You can hang your tall rack from the ceiling. This is a creative way to set it up in your home. Here, it becomes difficult for your kids or just anyone to have access to it. This location is best for those who want some privacy. To fix it, you may need a professional to help you out.

In the Corner

Placing your rack in the corner will help maximize your space. This is great if you don't have enough space, or you live in a small apartment. Here, it can fit in perfectly.

On The Wall

You can make your rack lean against the wall. Some prefer it hanging on it. Before doing this, carefully find out the best part it will easily fit into.

In the Master Bedroom Sitting Area

This location is great for those needing privacy. You can keep your wine rack in the comfort of your bedroom. This will help keep children away. Also, for easy access, you may fix it close to your sitting area.

Inside the wall

You can break the wall. After doing this, install your rack inside it. This spot can be a cool area to have your rack. Placing it here comes with much innovation. In this location, it will even look more attractive.

What Are The Various Wine Rack Designs Available?

As earlier stated, there are different designs available for your preference. They are also important in determining the best location for your wine rack.

Floor Wine Racks

This is regarded as the "traditional" wine rack. They are stylish and are made using a steel framework. Pine slats are also used in manufacturing them.

These racks come in water-based stained choices. They include mahogany, oak, and black. It is the most frequently used because it is economical.

Wall-mount Wine Racks

This type of rack is becoming common like other designs. One interesting fact about this type is that it saves space. With this, your bottles will be well arranged stylishly. It gives room for enough space wherever you mount it. It allows you to show off your wine collection.

Modular and Stackable Wine Racks

This rack is good for those who want to grow their wine collection. This type saves cost. Here, there is enough room for wine storage. They are ideal in kitchens, cellars, and the dining room.

Tabletop Racks

This type of rack is usually small. They can match any décor perfectly. This type is great for shop counters and kitchen tops. They only hold fewer bottles than wall-mounted ones. With this, you can stand while you gulp down some wine.


A tall wine rack adds a lot of beauty to your home. Before choosing one, consider those factors that may affect your choice of location. By now, you should have no problem choosing a spot. Any of the places above will be great, but make sure it is convenient for you. Now, you can go out there, make a choice, and have fun!

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