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Reasons to Choose a Rattan Bar Stool

Reasons to Choose a Rattan Bar Stool

Today home bars are becoming a regular in so many households. There is a dire need to entertain oneself and guests whenever they come around. Think of how exciting game nights can be in that empty basement if you renovated and powered it up to a home bar's standard.

Do you have plans to move to a new house or think of upgrading various interior elements to give the house a fresh look? Are you struggling with choices on what to bring in? If barstools are on your to-shop list, then this the right place for you, and rattan bar stools should be your only choice. I have compiled a detailed list of reasons as to why they are a standout.

Criteria for the ideal barstool

Before indulging you further, you should know that barstools go well with base lighting best. Ceiling lighting doesn't seem to flow well because it doesn't curve out aesthetics in the room. There's a projection of the minor details by the base lighting, which would have been ignored by ceiling lighting. For many of us, the kitchen is possibly the room visited most in the entire house. First and foremost, it's where food is prepped. It is also a place for relaxing, taking a drink, and thinking about plans for the next day. Below is viable criteria to follow as you go shopping for barstools.

  • Looks and style

     Who doesn't want a barstool that complements the décor and makes people stare in admiration? Look for something beautiful, but one that also meshes well with the design elements already in the space, such as the wall color. Their color, material, and design should complement a pre-existing décor. If the house interior paint is dark, you could opt for dark stools to match the color of the room.

    • Functionality.

       When searching for bar stools for your family, you need to consider the functionality. The seats you decide to get should be suitable for the adults to sit and think or talk. They should also be convenient for you to do some writing, light computer works without bruising your bark. You may choose bar stools with backrests and an adjustable height to cover everyone in the family. These give a sense of comfort and security, making them ideal for a home bar.

      • Durability

         You won't want to be buying a new barstool every six months. So look for barstools that can last in your given environment for quite a while. You may want to get yourself that beautiful white, upholstered stool and light up the room. When it comes to durability, the material has to be strongly considered as you zero in on what barstools to take home. 

        Why should you choose rattan barstools? 

        These stools are designed for the soft modern interior. These contemporary counter stools combine the crafted finish used in traditional basket weaving with sleek geometric lines. The bases of these stools are made with sturdy rattan poles. The seat areas are woven using smaller strands of rattan and seagrass, also known as water hyacinth. The seagrass grows along rivers. It is dried and processed, then incorporated into the barstool frames. This makes the rattan barstools environmentally friendly. 

        Two types of rattan are used to make bar stools, cane rattan, and reed rattan.

        1. Cane rattan comes from the rattan plant layer just beneath the outer skin, which is then turned into a long strand after peeling and processing. It is suitable for creating flexible yet durable bar stools, like those with backrests. 
        2. Reed rattan comes from the inner layer of the rattan plant. It has more fibers and openings than the cane rattan. It is easy to shape and is used to add layers of decoration to the barstools. It also handles stains quite well.

        Below are reasons why rattan should be your only material of choice when choosing barstools;

        • Beauty.

        Rattan bar stools are naturally beautiful due to their simple yet wonderful weaving patterns. They also have a varying brown color that seems to command attention in the bar room.

        They offer a great aesthetic value to the house at first glance, and one would feel the Caribbean groove.

        • Uniqueness

        You will find leather and vinyl bar stools almost everywhere you go, but rattan barstools are rare. Uniqueness also comes down to the design flow of the item in question. 

        You could also add engraving on the frame of the backrest of sentimental value to make it exceptional. 

        Having one when your friends come over will give you a reason to stand a little taller. 

        • Comfort 

        These barstools are pretty comfortable due to the flexible nature of the rattan plant. You can choose one with a backrest to allow you to recline and enjoy the feeling some more.

        Comfort may also be down to what material you might prefer to have used to make them. Comfort has been known to be a mental setting as to what best aspires to our personality.

        • Light Maintenance

        These barstools are easy to clean. What is required is a damp cloth to wipe them, and you're good to go. They also don't stain easily, which cannot be said for some other bar stools. 

        That should always be a top priority worth considering when deciding what furniture we choose to use in our homes. Sophistication means increased overhead costs in maintenance.

        • Durability

        When prioritizing what furniture to use in our homes, durability has to be strongly associated with our final decisions. 

        If you want a barstool that will last, you need something durable. Rattan bar stools are sturdy and dependable. 

        • Relaxation

        When you look at these barstools, they look like they belong on a lovely sunny island - with you in them. So hop on one, grab yourself a cocktail and drift off to your island. 

        All good houses share one thing, crisp in furnishing, be it the bar, pool, or bathroom. Something has got to stand out.

        • Compatibility 

        No matter the type of interior décor in your home, rattan bar stools will blend in. They may even be the final piece you were looking for to complete your vision for your home.

        They often complement the home more due to their easy-going nature. They aren't commanding attention because of their color. 

        Some furniture versions dictate how you paint a particular room; you won't have that problem with rattan stools.

        • Compact and Portable

          These barstools are efficiently designed. They don't take a lot of space and are also easy to move around as needed. That eventually makes for easy re-design, in case you need to shake things up. 

          The material used to make them makes it ideal for any home. In case the need arises to renovate or re-arrange, you won't fatigue from moving them.


          As with everything in life, here you have a multitude of choices. You could go for leather or vinyl or even canvas bar stools if they feel right for you. However, we think rattan bar stools offer a more excellent rating to be chosen above the other options. They stand head and shoulders above the others and incomparable. They are more beautiful, fit in any setting, are highly comfortable and relaxing, and not many of your friends have them. 

          If you feel like checking them out and getting one over your friends, check out this rattan bar stool.

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