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Top picks from our Wine Cabinets

In the words of Heraclitus, a Greek philosopher “Change is the only constant in life.” We all love change, don’t we? We love the transition from summer to winter, we love the changing phases of the moon, we love the change we feel when we travel to new places, and we love the change when we try a different cuisine altogether. Similarly, sometimes a little change in your home decor can do wonders too.

Bring home this season a wave of change into your homes with our finest collection of jazzy yet elegant bar cabinets. If you have been planning to set up a bar or if you want to revamp your existing bar, then you have landed at the right place for we have all that you need to add a little drama to your bar decor.

  1. The Basset Mirror Company Dining Room Quinn Hospitality Cabinet.

This little wonder in red has been crafted in a very chic yet capacious design. The two frontal doors open to reveal the cabinet within. There are two shelves that can be used to store glasses and spirit bottles conveniently. The top drawer can be used to store other bartending essentials. Add this beautiful wine cabinet to your existing collection of bar furniture or make it a part of your whole new bar setup.

  1. The Baxton Studio Dresdon Classical Country Style Drawer/Cabinet w/ built in Wine Rack.

The Batxon Country Style Wine Cabinet comes with a complete utilitarian design that functions as a Wine Rack as well as a chic Bar Cabinet. The sleek white lacquer finish to this bar cabinet is what adds the required finesse to this piece of bar furniture. With a capacity to hold 12 wine bottles, the lower portion has an impressive design. The upper drawer is modelled on the lines of old-fashioned fruit crates and can be used to store bartending essentials. Bring home this piece to add a vintage yet contemporary touch to your bar decor.

  1. The Winsome Wine Cabinet with Drawer and Glass Rack.

If you love minimalistic designs or have a space constraint in terms of setting up an elaborate bar, then fret no more because we have the perfect design cum functionality packed together in this Winsome Wine Cabinet. With a capacity of 20 bottles in the lower portion and the upper portion that holds plenty of wine glasses, this bar cabinet can solve all your wine storage woes. The drawer is the cherry on top where you can easily store other bartending essentials.  The top may also be used as the serving top. This little baby fits into small spaces, can store all those expensive bottles and is a showstopper in terms of design and style. What more do you need?

  1. The Winsome Alta Wine Cabinet

Bring home this modern and functional bar cabinet this season and warm up the whole ambience of your home. With a capacity to hold 8 wine bottles and a transparent storage for all those wine glasses, this bar cabinet is a welcome addition to your existing bar furniture.

  1. The Winsome Yukon Wine Cabinet

Innovatively designed, this Winsome Yukon Bar Cabinet is surely going to be a head turner in your bar. Spacious yet occupies very little space; this bar cabinet is a must-have for all you wine aficionados. Two vertical open slots on either side provide for ample storage of Wine bottles. The open shelf comes with an inbuilt glass rack and the lower portion also has a cabinet that can be used to store other essentials. Add this eclectic bar cabinet to your existing bar collection and give some extra zing to all those parties.

With our top picks for this season, these 5 bar cabinets can do wonders in your den. Choose the one that best fits your style and home decor and see the magic come alive.